When things don’t always go your way

    So as most of you probably know, New England has been having a tiny bit of snow lately. And by tiny bit of snow… I mean a hella lot of snow. And of course I have classes. And OF COURSE this is when my car decides to not work. It’s breaks are awful in the snow. Abosultely dreadful.

 Anyway, technically I dont HAVE to go to class today… but I have the classic problem of being an overachiever. Especially when it comes to this certain class that is today. So what’s a girl to do that has a class that she feels the need to go to without a car?  Why, call her good friends.




Without them I would be lost. Two certain people are being my rides today and I just felt the need to honor them here on tumblr. Because they are just so awesomely awesome.


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  • 3 years ago
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